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What is motorized ball valve? How it works? The specifications need to confirm?


What is motorized ball valve? How it works? The specifications need to confirm?

Update Time:2024/1/19
what is motorized ball valve, how it works, what are the specifications to confirm when purchase one?

How motorized ball valve works?

Motorized Ball Valve is mainly Composed Of An Electric Motor Actuator On The Top And A Ball Valve At The Bottom. The Electric Ball Valve Actuator Contains A Motor Rotates At High Speed After Powered On, It Outputs Low Rotary Torque Which Is Converted To Low Speed High Rotary Torque To Drives The ball Valve Open/Close. So based on how it works, motorized ball valve is also Searched As motor valve, motorized valve, electric ball valve, Electrically Actuated Ball Valve, Motorised Ball Valve, electric actuator valve, motorized operated valve, motorvalve, mov valve, since it is mainly use for water control, it is also called electric valve for water, electric water valve etc.

The specifications to confirm when purchase one.
When purchasing an electric motor ball valve, it can be intimidating to decide all the specifications all at once. Below form should help to simplify the process.

The specifications of the ball valve :

 a.the size, b. 2 way or 3 way motorized ball valve, c. BSP thread or NPT thread which depends on the system you are going to install the electric ball valve - which should be obvious most time, so it should be an easy start. 

d. The material of the ball valve depends on the medium that goes through the ball valve and its temperature. This article - https://www.pumpsandsystems.com/pvc-brass-stainless-or-carbon-steel - details the property of stainless steel valve, brass valve and PVC plastic valve, which should be helpful if you need help deciding the material of the ball valve. And please note that if the motorized valve is for drinking water, stainless steel ball valve should be used,  it passes the NSF61 test.

The specifications of the motorized ball valve actuator :

e.the voltage, f. wiring - also depends on the system or equipment the motor valve is installed. To choose the wiring might be a little complicated, there are 5 basic wiring for option. Click to check the wiring diagram. Please feel free to contact us for any question. If manual operation is needed when there is no power supply, then j. manual override should be added.