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Do we accept sample order or small orders for motor valve?


Do we accept sample order or small orders for motor valve?

Update Time:2024/1/19
Do you accept sample order or small orders for motor valve?
Yes, we do accept sample order or small order. Buying from a manufacturer can have a lot of benefits, such as much lower price and professional service etc., but there are cases buying from other ways might be a better choice.
Here are some factors worth considering when decide whether to buy from a manufacturer directly or not.
a. Quantity. If several pieces of standard electric ball valve is needed for your project, it should be more economical to buy on Amazon if it is available, not to mention the short lead time and shipping time. We also sell on Amazon, we can recommend according to your needs. If more than 20 pcs motor valve is needed, contact us for a quote should save you quite some if the lead time and shipping time is acceptable to you.
b. Is the electric motorized ball valve for commercial use? If standard electric actuated ball valve is needed, buy sample on Amazon should saves shipping cost and shipping time. But please feel free to contact us for sample order cost, bulk order price and other question you have, and make a decision accordingly. If customization is needed, then definitely contact us directly.

In conclusion, consider the quantity of motor operated ball valve needed in short term and long term, the application of the ball valve, the lead time acceptable to you, and whether customization is needed or not.

And we are always glad to hear from you, so there is no harm to contact us directly, and we will make suggestion according to your needs. We look forward to hearing from you!