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2.5NM mini motorized ball valve

2.5NM mini motorized ball valve
FH-MO/FH-S series mini electric actuator valve has a very compact design, it has the smallest size compared to similar products in the market. This makes it very suitable for fluid control of small equipment, and other senarios where installation space is very limit.
The drive system of electric actuator valve is composed of metal gears, which promises durability and high output torque. With high torque, it can drive valve as big as DN32(1 1/4''), similar products in the market can only do DN25(1'').
Compared to FH-S Series, FH-MO electric actuator valve has manual override function for emergency operation, such as a power failure.
Position indicator on the enclosure of electric actuator is to show the open/close status of the valve, when it is installed on the pipe.
The ball valve it can actuates ranges from DN8 - DN32 (1/4 inch -1 1/4 inch) of 304 stainless steel, brass, and DN15 - DN25 (1/2inch -1 4 inch) of PVC plastic. Different sizes, different material for different application senarios and medium.
The actuator is pre-wired with a cable lead eliminates the need for opening the actuator and wiring in the field, the cable by default is 35cm(13''), it is customizable. We can also customize audio jack connector, USB connector etc. for quick connection to your system.
Multiple voltage for option: 5V DC, 12V DC, 24V DC,9-24V ADC, 220V AC etc.
Various wiring available for this electric actuator valve to integrated into different projects: OP01- 2 wires (reverse polarity), OP02-3 wires( one wire control), OP03 - 3 wires (2 wire control), OP04 - 2 wires (auto return), OP05 - 5 wires(with signal feedback). We could also customize signal feedback for 01, 02, 03, 04 wiring, which is unique in the market considering its small size.
1 clip-pin actuator mounting and removal design tremendously reduce the installation time and make maintainance much easier. If you are a distributor of this electric actuator valve, you could stock actuator and ball valve separately to reduce inventory.

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