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Lorawan wireless valve

Lorawan wireless valve

LoRaWAN, which stands for Long Range Wide Area Network, is a low-power, long-range wireless communication protocol specifically designed for Internet of Things (IoT) devices. It enables devices to transmit and receive small packets of data over long distances with minimal power consumption. 

FH-L Series Lorawan/Lora Wireless Control Motorized Ball Valve - An All-In-One Battery Operated Valve is designed to be controlled on a network server platform by LoRaWAN technology. It enables Centralized Water Management From A Platform, Suitable For Automatic Remote Fluid Control For A Variety Of Scenarios, Such As Condominium Water Management System, Smart Water Measuring System, Municipality Water Supply System, Irrigation System Etc.

1.Small size, easy for installation.
2.Partial aperture (set on the platform from 0% to 100%).
3.LoRaWAN Class A, low power consumption, battery operated, normally 10+ years battery life, battery replaceable.
4.Anti-lockup function, open/close valve once a month to avoid lock-up.
5.Normally receive and execute instructions every 24 hours for long service life, the frequency is settable.
6.IoT ready (compliant with all Internet of Things platforms)
7.Local magnet control for real-time control.
8.Fraud detection on battery disconnection.
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