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15NM electric actuator ball valve

15NM electric actuator ball valve
Electric ball valve, which is also searched as electrically actuated ball valve, motorized ball valve, motor actuator ball valve . It mainly composed of an electric motor actuator on the top and a ball valve at the bottom. These 2 parts are connected by connecting boards and screws. The Electric ball valve actuators contains a motor rotates at high speed after powered on, it ouputs low rotary torque which is converted to low speed high rotary torque to drives the valve open/close .
The motor actuator of FH-B series electric ball valve outputs quarter-turn rotation, which suits most of the ball valves. Thanks to the international ISO5211 standard, ball valve with ISO5211 F03/F05 mounting pad could directly assemble with the motor actuator by bolts and screws. And this Allows Both The Electric Actuator And Ball Valve To Be Swapped Out With Another One Using The Same Flange Size. It makes maintain and repairment easier.
So generally, no matter it is a 2 way ball valve or a 3 way ball valve, no matter it is brass, stainless steel or PVC plastic ball valve, as long as the working angle of a ball valve is typically 90 degrees, the output torque of the actuator is enough to drive to ball valve, and the ball valve has F03/F05 mounting pad, the actuator could be assembled with the ball valve to actuate the ball valve.
The electric motorized ball valve is used for automatic remote control in so many senarios, such as water treatment equipment, automatic equipement and system, home automation, HVAC System, Irrigation System, Wildfire Emergency Sprinkler System, Recreational Vehicle (RV), Trailer Home, Sprinkler Truck, Fire Truck etc., so we have many control wirings and different power supply voltages for option.
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