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15NM ball valve motor actuator

15NM ball valve motor actuator
The electric actuator of FH-B series electric motorized ball valve has a 15 NM output torque, which makes it suitable for industrial light duties. Generally this ball valve electric actuator can actuate stainless steel/PVC plastic/brass DN50 (2'') 2 way ball valve and DN25 (1'') 3 way ball valve and below.
The voltage available are 5V DC, 12V DC, 9-24V DC, and There are wiring diagram of 2 wires, 3 wires and 5 wires for option, which enable the electric ball valve to be integrated to all kinds of control systems. Using a ball valve electric actuator to automate fluid control also has a benefit of low power consumption, for most wiring, there will be no power consumption after the ball valve is in the open/close position.
The ball valve electric Actuator Is Assembled With Ball Valve By ISO 5211 Standard Flange Pad (F03, F05), So Generally It Can Connect With Any Ball Valve With F03/F05 Flange Pad (Make Sure The Output Torque Is Enough To Drive The Valve, and the valve is quarter-turn valve Though). This allows both the electric actuator and ball valve to be swapped out with another one using the same flange size, which makes repairment much easier.
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