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5 common wiring motor ball valve

5 common wiring motor ball valve
In this catagory, we classify the motor ball valves by different wiring to help you find the control wiring for your project quickly.
We Have Multiple Wirings For different Kinds Of Systems, Equipments Such As Smart Home, Water Treatment Project, Smart Water Measuring System, Water Supply And Drainage System, Fire Sprinkler System, Irrigation System, Recreational Vehicle (RV), Trailer Home, Sprinkler Truck, HVAC System Etc.
There Are 5 Most Basic Wiring for our motor ball valve, please feel free to contact us if you could not find the wiring needed.
OP01 Wiring - 2 Wires, Reverse Polarity, 5V DC/12V DC/24V DC/9-35V DC
OP02 Wiring - 3 Wires, 2 points Control, 5V DC/9-35V DC/220V AC
OP03 Wiring - 3 Wires, 1 point Control, 5V DC/9-24V ADC/220V AC
OP04 Wiring - 2 Wires,Auto Return / Fail Safe, 5V DC/9-24V ADC/110-230V AC
OP05 Wiring - 5 Wires,With ball Valve Position Feedback for indication devices, such as indicator lights, 5V DC/12V DC/24V DC
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